This state of the art access control chip reader is specially designed for advanced ID Banking filtering processes to self service areas or high security spaces. Our filtering algorithms may let access to programmable groups of users as decided by system’s administrator.

The security platform is designed for a secure access control process using the CHIP acces cards (credit cards or simply smart cards) alone or combined with PIN and biometric technology.

This product is mainly dedicated to banks and financial institutions, with possibilities of usage in law enforcement agencies, telecom providers, closed circuit institutions/clubs and other organizations for a secure and efficient access in sensitive areas using advanced contact chip reader technology.

It can be connected to any access control platform using the most commonly used data formats like RS232, Clock and Data or Wiegand with up to 64 bits of data.

It is standard delivered with a solid TCP/IP interface for fast and continuous communication with the centralized security center in order to be online updated  and controlled by system’s administrator.